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About Us

Green Light Project Seattle is a volunteer-run and peer-led harm reduction community health organization providing direct services to people at the intersection of sex work, drug use and housing instability. There is a significant access disparity for our population due to state sanctioned violence, criminalization, structural discrimination and stigma against our communities when we access basic healthcare and housing needs. Green Light Project provides culturally competent and trauma-informed care, peer support, material support, education and leadership development within our community of primarily QTBIPoC sex workers.

Our Story

In 2019 a group of sex working community health workers and organizers came together to create Green Light Project out of the knowledge that due to systemic disparities (racism, sexism, homophobia, etc.) our QTBIPOC2S community is disproportionally represented in sex work. Our goal as an organization is to provide access and resources to people who have historically been underserved and help them build the tools necessary to advocate for themselves.

Our services currently include twice-weekly outreach to street-based sex workers in the Aurora and Bitter Lake neighborhoods, deliveries of groceries, healthcare supplies, household supplies, infant care supplies, covid rapid tests, clothing and hygiene items, and at-home HIV tests to participants living and/or working in the greater Seattle areas. We also provide support for participants by hiring doulas from culturally competent reproductive justice organizations for prenatal and postnatal care, helping with moving costs and escaping domestic violence, grief and bereavement support, funeral expenses, food, clothing and housing assistance, etc. In the past we have participated in organizing vaccination clinics in partnership with King County Public Health. We have also organized sex worker specific food banks, clothing banks, and a drop-in center; which we are hoping to restart in 2023.

We work closely with the People's Harm Reduction Alliance and are actively synergizing community building and instigating wider networks of community care.

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